PARA TODOS Clothing Co. is a Greek contemporary clothing brand established in 2017, with its operational headquarters, flagship stores and wholesale compartments that you are welcome to visit, both in Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece.
Para Todos stands for everyone.

  Casual street design and attention to simplicity with an understated elegance and with an emphasis on eclectic use of materials and quality fabrics. Our collections and samples are unisex ready-to-wear clothes and accessories, which are 100% handmade, designed and produced in Greece strictly by the brand. 

  The collections are defined by the signature of Tassos Tsadaris & Christina Tsadari and the brand image by Stela Tsadari.

PARA TODOS Clothing Co.

Showrooms & Flagship Stores:

Romvis 22, 105 62
+30 211 420 3037 

Syggrou 25, 54630
+30 231 400 5002
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